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Terms and Conditions
(including cancellation policy)

 General Information

  1. Reflexology with Vicky is Reflexology with Vicky of Mason House, 3 Upper Northfield Close, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1RW

  2. The “Client” is the person who has requested a treatment from Reflexology with Vicky.

  3. The “Treatment” will be the service that Reflexology with Vicky offers to supply to the Client.

  4. The “Price” shall be the amount provided by Reflexology with Vicky at the point of order. If the original order is subsequently amended, it will be the figure for the amended order.

  5. These Terms and Conditions will represent the whole of the agreement for provision of Treatments to the Client.

2. Disclosure

To safely provide the Treatment the Client will be requested to attend a full consultation at the first treatment to supply certain information in writing before any treatment takes place. This information must be provided completely and accurately by the Client as it will be relied upon by re massage therapy.

3. Medical information and contraindications

  1. It is essential that the Client makes full and accurate disclosure of any medical conditions and contraindications, as some Treatments are not suitable for those with certain conditions. Unless proper information is supplied by the Client, the proper advice and Treatments cannot be given or supplied to them.

  2. If the Client has any concerns about their current state of health they must consult their GP before booking any Appointment. More information on medical conditions can be found at

  3. Reflexology with Vicky will not provide Treatment to anyone with an infectious disease or skin condition. If in doubt the Client must consult their GP.

  4. The Client must fully disclose any allergies with staff prior to arrival, in order for staff to ascertain if they can safely proceed.

  5. Any serious conditions, such as cancer, must be disclosed before the day of the Appointment for the Treatment. This is to ensure that the therapist fully understands your condition and any limitations.

  6. Most Treatments can be adapted for most conditions but not if no prior notice is given by the Client.

  7. Reflexology with Vicky is always available to discuss any concerns regarding any medical conditions or possible medical conditions, and it is for the Client to make full disclosure and act on any advice given.

  8. If medical information is provided on the consultation forms, the Client provides their consent for the data to be retained by Reflexology with Vicky as otherwise, no Treatment can be supplied, and Reflexology with Vicky will have no liability to the Client. Such consent will initially be obtained when the Client signs the consultation form.

4. Disabilities

If a Client has a disability or any care requirements, they must inform Reflexology with Vicky at the time of booking and upon arrival for the Appointment. This is necessary to ensure that Reflexology with Vicky can make any necessary adaptions to ensure that the Client can safely enjoy their Treatment as far as is possible.

5. Responsibilities of Clients

  1. Clients are advised not to consume alcohol prior to attending re massage therapy for Treatments.

  2. Following any Treatment, the Client should have a period of relaxation and drink water, as they may experience drowsiness, excessive thirst and possible minor reactions to their Treatments.

  3. The Client should inform the therapist if they are in an uncomfortable position, find the therapists pressure unenjoyable or they are too hot or cold. Unless the therapist is told, they will be unable to ensure the visit is as enjoyable as it should be.

  4. The Client should be aware that the times allocated for treatments is the time of the treatment and additional time should be allocated for getting changed and relaxation after the treatment (approximately 5 -10 minutes).

  5. The Client will be required to complete a health information form prior to the consultation.

  6. The Client will inform Reflexology with Vicky of any deadlines or any other time-related factors before the order or Appointment is made and accepted by them. 

  7. Reflexology with Vicky will not be liable for any delay in performance, or the inability to provide any Treatment, if the delay or failure is due to an Act of God, fire, inclement or exceptional weather, industrial action, hostilities, breakdown, shortage of labour, materials, power or other supplies, governmental order or intervention or any cause beyond their control.

  8. The Client will inform Reflexology with Vicky immediately of any change in the information previously supplied or changes in circumstances.


6. Procedure and Security

  1. Clients must ensure they take all their belongings with them when they leave the premises.

  2. Clients are asked to keep to the allocated arrival time given to them as re massage therapy does not have a waiting area or reception.


7. Cancellation Policy​​

  1. If a Client wishes to cancel an appointment with Reflexology with Vicky, then 24 hours’ notice is required otherwise a £10 fee will be charged.

  2. If a Client consistently cancels or rearranges appointments, then Reflexology with Vicky reserves the right to request full payment in advance of the appointment.

  3. If the client does not show up to an appointment and there has been no communication with Reflexology with Vicky beforehand the client will be charged the full appointment fee.

  4. The cancellation/postponement fee may be waived in the case that the client tests positive for Covid-19 at the time of the appointment or in the case of another serious medical issue.

  5. Reflexology with Vicky reserves the right to cancel, modify or terminate an Appointment, if there are serious grounds for doing so, and will advise the Client accordingly.

  6. Reflexology with Vicky may cancel the Client's appointment if the Therapist is unwell or tests positive for Covid-19, or another member of their household is displaying symptoms or tests positive.

8. Payment

  1. Ideally payment should be made in advance by bank transfer

  2. Payment for gift vouchers should be made at time of purchase.

  3. If paying with cash please ensure you have the correct amount as change is not held on the premises.

 9. Gift Vouchers

  1. Gift vouchers are valid for at least 365 days.

  2. Reflexology with Vicky may extend the expiry in exceptional circumstances.

  3. Change or credit for unused Vouchers or part unused Vouchers will not be given.


10. General Data Protection Regulation

Reflexology with Vicky will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable Data Protection legislation. They will provide a copy of their GDPR/Privacy Policy on the website. If requested your details may be passed on to NHS Test and Trace.

11. Confidentiality

All details and any information supplied by the Client to re massage therapy will be kept strictly confidential by them. Any information supplied to the re massage therapy will be used by them solely for providing the Treatment unless obligated to provide it by law, court order or any Governmental or regulatory authority, for example by NHS Test and Trace.


12. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England.

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