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Reflexology Therapy

Why Clinical Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy suitable for everyone. It is a relaxing treatment which can benefit all ages.

Reflexology can help reduce everyday stresses and strains, aiding relaxation, improve circulation, thereby revitalising energy levels. It can also be used to aid the restoration and maintenance of the body’s natural equilibrium, encouraging natural feelings of wellbeing. Reflexology can also be incorporated into a preventative healthcare lifestyle, which is becoming more and more important in modern life, as we continue to realise the damage caused to health by our environment.


Whether you would like a one off treatment or a course of treatments tailored to your specific wants and needs, I can provide you with a warm, welcoming and comfortable space in which you can totally switch off your mind and body and drift into an ultimate state of relaxation.

Reflexology is a wonderful gift for a friend or elderly relative who are currently in a home or hospice.  I can provide foot or hand reflexology to those who are bed bound and may provide great relief to those who are experiencing great discomfort at present.

Complimentary therapies are not there to replace your existing prescribed medication or diagnosis, but aid your body in the return to a more balanced version of your inner self.


Some of the specialised areas I have been trained in are as follows:

  • NEPIP (Neuro Endo Psycho Immuno Poddy) - A treatment where both feet are worked on at
    the same time, and the systems of the body are encouraged to start working together and
    in harmony.

  • Palliative Care

  • Conception, Fertility and Maternity

Reflexology is not suitable for those suffering from the following conditions:




Unstable heart condition

Any contagious disease

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